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Management Team


Thomas M. Ringo President & Chief Executive Officer
Kevin C. Bates  Vice President of Timberland Investment
Mike Mackelwich Vice President - Timberland Operations
Jonathan P. Rose   Vice President - Real Estate
Daemon P. Repp Vice President  & Chief Financial Officer
Adrian Miller Vice President of Corporate Affiars & Administration


Board of Directors


Thomas M. Ringo President & Chief Executive Officer, Director as of 2014
William R. Brown Director since 2015
John E. Conlin   Director since 2005
Sandy D. McDade Director since 2016
Maria M. Pope Director since 2012


The Board of Directors has affirmatively determined that all Directors are independent of the Company except for Thomas M. Ringo, who is an employee of the Company.

Unitholders and other interested parties may contact the non-management Directors by e-mailing or writing to the following:


Non-Management Directors
c/o Corporate Secretary
Pope Resources
19950 7th  Avenue NE, Suite 200
Poulsbo, Washington 98370

All communications received will be processed by the Corporate Secretary.

Corporate Headquarters: 19950 7th Avenue NE, Suite 200, Poulsbo, WA 98370     phone (360) 697-6626     fax (360) 697-1156

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