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Olympic Resource Management offers unique asset management services to investors and others in land related resources.  We optimize long-term value for our stakeholders by focusing on good stewardship and managing the land for a variety of uses. Interwoven throughout our land management activities is an ethic, which recognizes the importance of balancing and integrating growth, harvesting, and reforestation on our timberlands with the protection and enhancement of air and water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, soils, and aesthetic values.

ORM fully supports sustainable forestry certification methodologies for timberlands in the United States, Canada, and worldwide.  We currently manage all of our lands to Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) standards.  The SFI program integrates the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the conservation of wildlife and aquatic habitats, soil, air and water quality, carbon, biological diversity, recreation, and aesthetics. It’s a simple premise that we meet and embrace every day.
ORM is proud to be a full program participant for SFI, and to meet and exceed the management standards established by North America’s largest forest certification program. We apply these standards to the lands we manage for our parent company, Pope Resources, and the Timber Fund properties we own together with our investors.
The key principles in managing our timberlands for sustainable forestry and to their maximum value include:
Sustainable Forestry
To practice sustainable forestry to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  We practice a land stewardship ethic that integrates reforestation and the managing, growing, nurturing and harvesting of trees for useful products and ecosystem services such as the conservation of soil, air and water quality, carbon, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitats, recreation, and aesthetics.
Forest Productivity and Health
To provide for regeneration after harvest and maintain the productive capacity of the forest land base, and to protect and maintain long-term forest and soil productivity.  In addition, to protect forests from economically or environmentally undesirable levels of wildfire, pest, diseases, invasive exotic plants and animals and other damaging agents and thus maintain and improve long-term forest health and productivity.
Protection of Water Resources
To protect water bodies and riparian zones, and to conform to best management practices to protect water quality.
Protection of Biological Diversity
To manage forests in ways that protect and promote biological diversity, including animal and plant species, wildlife habitats, and ecological or natural community types.
Aesthetics and Recreation
To manage the visual impacts of forest operations, and to provide recreational opportunities for the public.
Protection of Special Sites
To manage forests and lands of special significance, such as ecologically, geologically or culturally important in. We strive to protect their integrity and manage their unique qualities.
Legal Compliance
To comply with applicable federal, provincial, state, and local forestry and related environmental laws, statutes, and regulations.
To support advances in sustainable forest management through forestry research, science and technology.
Training and Education
To improve the practice of sustainable forestry through training and education programs.
Public Involvement
To broaden the practice of sustainable forestry on public lands through community involvement.
To broaden the understanding of SFI 2010-2014 Standard forest certification by documenting certification audits and making the findings available to the public.
Continual Improvement
To continually improve the practice of forest management, and to monitor, measure and report performance in achieving the commitment to sustainable forestry.
In 2006 and on an annual basis beginning in 2007, PricewaterhouseCoopers independently verified our 110,000 acres of fee ownership in Washington State and 58,000 acres managed on behalf of others as being in compliance with the SFI standard.  In 2010 our newly acquired lands were included in our certification as well. Our foresters work every day to insure our forests will continue to supply a continuous flow of wood products in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. In addition, the 80,000 acres of land we manage on behalf of our Timber Funds fully comply with these standards.  At ORM, we believe good stewardship is good business.


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