Integrating sustainability into our daily business comes naturally to us. Our compass keeps us directed towards what matters most so that we make decisions that are right – not just for us as a company – but for the environment, our communities, and our employees.

Working forests provide habitat for flora and fauna, recreational areas for fun and relaxation, and a renewable, natural resource used for an extraordinary number of different purposes. In addition, forests sequester and store carbon – an environmentally protective process which is becoming an increasingly important part of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

By managing our timberlands properly, we safeguard this valuable resource for future generations while simultaneously providing economic benefits to our investors, communities, and employees. Many of our operations are in rural communities, bringing jobs, local spending, and tax revenue to these locations. In addition, our public access policy provides opportunities for area businesses.

Integrating sustainability into our daily business comes naturally to us.

We take the stewardship of our timberlands seriously, which is why we have implemented an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policy and are proud to participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI®). Between 1998 and 2018, Pope Resources conserved more than 45,000 acres through conservation easements and fee sales. Not only does this provide a lasting environmental benefit, but it also results in new public recreational areas for visitors and financial gain for neighboring businesses, all while delivering real estate value for our investors.

Relaxing in nature is an important escape from modern life, but public access to local forests is shrinking. This is why our lands are open for responsible recreational use to both our employees and the greater public. Unlike some companies, Pope Resources does not charge for this access. We simply ask that you are respectful and courteous of our rules and land closures.

At Pope Resources, our commitment to diverse community and conservancy practices demonstrates our dedication and passion for economic, environmental, and social sustainability. We encourage you to learn more about what matters to us by exploring the topics found under the Community & Conservancy header at the top of the page.

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