Together with our subsidiaries, Olympic Resource Management (ORM) and Olympic Property Group (OPG), Pope Resources manages investment grade timberland in the Pacific Northwest and develops unique real estate projects in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. We are a publicly traded Master Limited Partnership listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol POPE.

Unlike many other resources, trees and timber products are renewable. Properly managed forests are beneficial for the environment – sequestering carbon dioxide and providing clean water and habitat as they grow. We understand this and manage our timberlands accordingly, helping to provide a never-ending supply of timber and other forest resources. Our commitment to the environment is clearly demonstrated each year when we subject ourselves to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s (SFI) rigorous third-party review of our practices.

Trees do not grow overnight, and land management and development are inherently long term. Pope Resources’ ownership, governance, and operations reflect our dedication to sustainable performance.

We are composed of four primary business segments: Partnership Timber, Funds Timber, Timberland Management, and Real Estate.

Partnership Timber & Funds Timber:  This segment is focused on the growth and harvest of timber located on Pope Resources’ and the Funds’ lands. Comprehensive silviculture, optimization of harvest timing and volume, active log marketing, and the maximization of revenue from alternative sources of income all contribute to enhance the value of this portfolio.

Timberland Management: The acquisition and management of investment grade timberland for qualified investors is the primary focus of this ORM business segment. Our significant co-investment with investors ensures an alignment of interest and encourages us to manage the timberland portfolios as if we own them – because we do.

Real Estate:  Real estate transactions are an intrinsic component of any forestry company. We stand out among our competitors because we are also in the business of real estate development. OPG manages the process for our portfolio of properties whose value is best realized through land development. While many of these properties are former timberland holdings, we leverage our understanding of local real estate markets to make targeted investments in property outside of our historical ownership. Our real estate team also manages daily operations for our commercial properties in the historic town of Port Gamble, Washington, while positioning this unique property for sale.

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