Long-term capital preservation, environmental benefits, and value creation optionality are just a few of the unique and favorable aspects to investing in the timber asset class. Much like the forests they rely on, these investments offer the potential for steady growth, providing long-term capital preservation and an excellent hedge against inflation. Timberland’s ability to sequester carbon through the biological growth of trees is an environmental benefit garnering more attention as concerns around climate change grow.

The end uses of the logs and pulp that timberland produces includes lumber, panels, and Mass Timber. Mass Timber is a relatively new term that includes various existing and newer building products and offers the potential for increased timber demand in the future. The ability to time harvests in response to market conditions and generate value from these investments in a variety of ways, including land sales for development or conservation, provide an array of options for creating value.

At Pope Resources, we aspire to lead the Pacific Northwest in the creation of value from land and its related resources. Contact us to learn more about this specialized asset class and how we put our vision into action, delivering successful results for qualified investors.

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