Throughout every branch of our timberland operations, the people we employ and contract with are our most valuable assets. From planning to marketing, and at every stage in between, these professionals develop and execute the state-of-the-art forest management foundation that Pope Resources relies on to lead the Pacific Northwest in the creation of value from the land and its related resources.


Our area managers and foresters provide valuable input which, when coupled with the leading optimization technology, allows us to develop forest management and harvest scheduling plans that target our strategic, tactical, and operational time frames. Striking the right balance between planning and adaptability is critical for our success.


By applying the most current scientific techniques, we establish and actively manage forest stands to produce a diverse array of forest products while maintaining water quality, soil productivity, forest health, and biological diversity. By investing in research cooperatives with regional universities, we continuously work to improve our silvicultural methods.

Tree Improvement

In conjunction with universities, we have also developed selection and breeding programs that maximize tree growth and health while producing minimal wood defects. We contract with a renowned geneticist for our selective breeding program and manage our own genetic stock in our own seed orchards.


Our timberlands are located in regions with some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world. We work directly with regulators and stakeholders while employing a variety of systems and processes that ensure compliance with the law and that industry regulations are based in current science.


Pope Resources is dedicated to providing a safe workplace for all employees and contractors. We demonstrate this commitment to safety by investing significant time, money, and effort towards accident and injury prevention. For more information about our commitment to safety, please click here.

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