When properly managed, timber is both renewable and a major source of environmental benefits. At Pope Resources, we take the stewardship of our timberlands seriously, which is why we have implemented an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policy and are proud to participate in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI®).

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Policy

Pope has a fiduciary duty to our unit holders and investors. Securing short- and long-term profitability and maintaining business relevance is essential. To accomplish this, we consider environmental, public health, safety, and social issues when evaluating properties for purchase and managing our lands. Ensuring that our values of stewardship and sustainability are appropriately recognized and integrated into our business model requires us to implement our ESG policy under a broad range of institutional controls. This includes compliance with all applicable laws and regulations across our many operational jurisdictions. But simply following the law is not enough. We also engage with our stakeholders and local communities in order to educate them about the importance of the ESG principles we implement and garnish their support. Our full ESG policy is located here.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI®)

Pope is committed to sustainable forestry and supports certification methodologies for timberlands worldwide. We operate all of our timberlands according to SFI® standards. This does not apply to lands owned by OPG or land planned for future development. The SFI® program integrates the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the conservation of wildlife and aquatic habitats, soil, air and water quality, carbon, biological diversity, recreation, and aesthetics. Each year since 2003, PricewaterhouseCoopers has independently verified that the lands we own and manage for forestry are in compliance with the SFI® standard. You can find out more about the SFI® program here.

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