Pope Resources and our associated log marketing entities market logs for both the Partnership and our private equity timber funds. We employ a combination of marketing strategies including negotiated sales and open bid by species and sort, and lump sum or pay-as-cut timber sales. Logs are marketed to domestic mills and export brokers alike and log sales decisions are based on numerous factors including long-standing relationships, creditworthiness, and price. Our individual Tree Farm office locations are the primary managers for log marketing, with oversight provided by the corporate office.

Key log sales contacts:

Hood Canal and Puget Sound Griffin Chamberlain (360) 394-0536
Central Washington Cascades and SW Washington Coast Joe Koontz (360) 740-4323
South Washington Cascades and Oregon Josh Miller (503) 563-6163
Northern California, Blackfox Timber Tim English (530) 964-9756
Corporate Mike Mackelwich (360) 394-0545
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